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Take Heart Church’s 5 Year Vision

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More Circles than Rows

  • We want to see salvation's, baptisms, and connections into the THC Family. We are committed to seeing our community not only come to Christ, but become a part of a family that loves them. To find their place to BELONG!
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Grow our family to 3 THC Campuses

  • What God has blessed us with here in Greenville we wan to take to other communities. Our desire is to be one church with multiple locations.
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Completion of Belong Community Park

  • Our vision is not just to have great Sunday mornings, but to provide a place where families can connect, belong, and find community everyday of the week!
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Launch Empower School of Ministry

  • We dream of being a church who trains, empowers, and launches our the next generation of world changers!

Financial Freedom

  • We want to live as debt-free as possible. Our vision is to funnel more money into ministry than ever before.
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Serve Over Spectate Initiative

  • Our dream is that Take Heart is a place where statistics are broken. The average Church has 20% of people serving. Our vision is to have 80% of people serving as Christ has called us to serve our community and church!

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Launch THC Daycare

  • Not only will this dream provide a valuable service to our community here in Greenville, but it will provide funds for us to continue the ministry that God is calling us too!
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Grow our missions to 4 countries

  • Jesus told us to go into all the world. Our dream is to take the love of Jesus to as many places as he will allow us to go!
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Love, Belong, Connect

  • Our dream is to be a church that loves everyone who comes through our doors, we find a place for people to belong, and we connect into the family of God!

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Hope29 Vision Statement

Love. Involvement. Freedom. Empowerment

To create a movement of authentic believers that brings the HOPE of Jesus Christ to everyone and everywhere He chooses to send us.